Mobile Web x Mobile App

What is mobile web?

Mobile web is the use of browser-based Internet services from a handheld mobile devices for example smartphones and tablet computers through a mobile or other wireless network.

Mobile Web Browser

The mobile web browser technology was first started to emerge in 1997, from the LCD display to the multi-touch screen nowadays.

What is mobile app?

Mobile app is a program designed to run on smartphones and tablet computers. Most of the devices these days are pre-installed  with several apps such as web browser, email, calendar and mapping program. There are also app available for buying music and other media which you can find the app in the Application store or the Google store. The first recognisable mobile apps came with Psion’s range od handheld computers that were mostly PDAs that uses EPOC operating system. It was release in the 90s and it only comoes with 16-bit machines which ran EPOC that allows users programmes such as word processor, database, spreadsheet and diary.


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One thought on “Mobile Web x Mobile App

  1. Toad ContextualStudies says:

    Improve the quality of your references. Avoid flaky sources.
    Trace wikipedia articles to its original article.
    Don’t rely only on web sources.
    Practice in-text citations.

    Besides gathering facts, analyse them and give opinions or further questions.

    What were the limitations of early generations of web browsing / mobile web browsing/ mobile apps?


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